03 Baby Face - Hellen Gillis

December 11, 2017

Hellen Gillis was the wife of Baby Face Nelson. Learn about how this woman fit into the lawless life of the FBI's number one gangster.

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02 Baby Face - Growing Up Bad

December 4, 2017

Lester Gillis grew up in the area around Humboldt Park in Chicago at a time when the nation was wallowing in the mire of prohibition. He joined a juvenile gang, bootlegged bear and stole automobile tires, then moved on to steeling cars and robbing banks.

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01 The Killer With The Baby Face

November 23, 2017

Some called him a psychopathic little runt, others said he was a kill-crazed murderer who killed just to watch people die.  His real name was Lester Gillis. He was only five foot five and had a boyish look. Some people referred to him as Baby Face. He dropped the name Gillis and changed it to Nelson, and from that time on people called him, Baby Face Nelson.

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Route 66 - America’s Main Street

December 30, 2016

These voice actors from World-Voices.org play the rolls of Route 66 characters during its heyday. It's a 10 mintue stroll down Route 66. Enjoy their stories from the days of old. - Produced by Spoken Word Producer, Joe Loesch. 


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